Seem Soap x Lex Pott Pebbles N°3


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Soaps moulded from real pebbles found in Normandy’s beaches. Comes in three soft shades of gold, pink and light blue.

About the Pebbles N°3

A collaboration between Seem Soap Studio and Rotterdam-based Lex Pott.

These handcrafted soaps are made from a vegetable soap base, derived from natural ingredients.

  • Weight: 150g
  • Scent: Fig tree flower
  • Paraben-free and allergen-free

About Seem Soap Studio

Seem Soap Studio is a Paris-based design and creative studio co-founded in 2015.

From design to manufacturing, Mathilde Lehmann and Valentine Sée imagine and create together, by combining each other’s knowledge and know-how. They transform soap into an ephemeral object, a sculpture that will vary with time and use.

Developed and handcrafted in their atelier in Paris, the soaps also come in fully-recyclable packaging made in France.

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