From farm to vase; from hand to table;
a curation of ethical flowers and curiosities.


We place a high focus on being as sustainable and ethical as we can, without compromising on style and artistry.

The flowers we source and grow for you, as well as the homewares and artefacts we offer, have made their way here because they are sustainable in the way they’ve been grown, transported, made and packaged.


We work with a collection of local growers and farms to bring you a selection of the freshest and most seasonal locally cut flowers every week.

We’re bringing you flowers from someone we know, who grew and cut them when the time was right, and only had to drive a couple of hours to get them here. 

When you shop local like we do, you’re not only making us thrive, you’re also supporting a wider local community of growers, farmers, makers, and artists in England (and occasionally the rest of the U.K. or parts of Europe).


Working with the seasons and natural conditions is an important part of honouring flowers and our work with them.

We made the conscious choice to grow our own flowers and work with flowers in a slower, more sustainable way.

We are firm believers that our choices can lead to positive effects for our business and the industry.

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