Driven by the desire to work with the seasons and in a slower, more sustainable way, we started growing flowers from our own farm in Kent at the start of the pandemic. As well as honouring the flowers we love by working in natural conditions, growing our own allows us to be kinder to the environment and those we work with. The farm sustains us for eight months of the year, meaning we have minimal reliance on European imports in the winter months. 



An ethical approach

Imported flowers are grown on a huge commercial scale, are covered in chemicals and pesticides, and are transported en masse by air or refrigerated lorry. Often, these flowers aren’t fair trade, so people are being forced to work for unfair wages and in poor conditions to keep the prices low enough for the end consumer. We want to do things differently.

As our farm grown flower offering grows, we’re able to reduce our environmental impact, and know that no one had to work unfairly for us to deliver your bouquet. We’re also able to grow some of the most unusual, special flowers for your orders every week.



Our seasonal flower varieties

We grow interesting flower varieties and unusual colours to use in our made-to-order bouquets, bespoke events, or provide wholesale to other florists, plus a variety of foliages and herbs to use season to season. Our farm grown flower offering changes regularly. If you can’t get something from us at a certain time, it’s because that flower won’t grow here, in nature, at that time and in real conditions.



Organically grown and hand harvested

Unlike commercially-grown flowers, we don’t treat our flowers with any chemicals. We use organic growing methods, providing food for pollinators and composting all our studio’s green waste. That means no nasties in your house and no harm to us or the environment. It also means you get to enjoy the individuality of each and every stem because we aren’t forcing uniformity by artificially influencing them.

We cut flowers 1-2 days before delivery. Each stem is cut by hand from the plant and any foliage below the water line carefully removed. The flowers then rest overnight in deep water before being arranged, ensuring each stem is fully fresh and hydrated when they reach you. 

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