Founded by Hattie Fox in 2012, That Flower Shop has been through many iterations.  The studio offers floral design/styling services alongside botanical design and planting consultancy. 

Hattie has worked with flowers + plants for over 18 years, working her way up from a flower kiosk on Portobello market, to international brand commissions and consultancy.  Her time in the industry has traversed the evolution and rise of floral design and Hattie draws upon her experiences to inform her ever evolving and inimitable style. 

The studio works on a varied range of projects from weddings through to set design and planting plans for garden work. Where possible Hattie strives to work in tandem with the seasons. Seeing it as a responsibility to pursue, inform and encourage clients and collaborators to engage in sustainable processes. 

Her time is split between the East London based studio and the farm in Kent.


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