Rekha Maker White Candlestick Holder


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A handmade white candlestick holder that is architecturally inspired in form. Makes for a great centrepiece at the dinner table. Design by Rekha Maker.

About this candlestick holder

Made of jesmonite, this minimal candlestick holder in white fits two standard straight candles between 21mm and 25mm.

Measurements: H 6cm x W 5cm x D 5cm

How to use

Make sure that the candles fit snuggly before lighting, so that they don’t fall out.  Avoid letting them burn below the candle opening of the holder. If your candle drips onto the holder, gently scrape the wax off with a blunt object.

About Rekha

Originally from Liverpool but now based in Glasgow, Rekha is a full-time architect who also designs and makes objects for fun.

“Coming from an architectural background, my first point of reference is always buildings. I am influenced by the forms and proportions of classical architecture and creating modern interpretations of this.”

Starting Rekha Maker has allowed Rekha to explore architectural themes and fun sculptural designs on a small scale.

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