MAYA NJIE Nordic Cedar Eau De Parfum


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Fresh notes of cardamom give the scent of the Nordic Cedar Eau De Parfum by Maya Njie a bright introduction that is animated and spicy. Running beneath and offering balance are earthy tones of patchouli and cedar wood. Soft musk and notes of amber sit as a foundation in this feral but warm and piquant fragrance.

About the Nordic Cedar Eau De Parfum

  • Contains: 50mL
  • Key notes: Cardamom, Patchouli, Musk, Cedarwood, Amber
  • Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Parfum
  • Ratio:  Oil 28%, Alcohol 72%

About Maya Njie

Founded in 2016, Maya Njie is a niche perfume brand with a clear focus on high quality artisanal blends. The scents are deeply rooted in Maya’s Swedish and West African culture. Inspired by an old family photo album from the decades before her birth, Maya set out to capture, by way of scent, these moments in time, these tropes of familial life, set within their frames. What did it smell like?

All formulas are developed in-house using a variety of essential oils, aroma compounds and resins. She makes use of both naturals and synthetics in her creations, combining nature and science together.

All perfumes are blended, filtered, filled, labelled and bottled by hand with plenty of love and care in Maya’s London studio – often to the sounds of Fela to keep the momentum just right. Vegan and cruelty-free.

A final tip

Fragrances evolve and become a little more rounded and seamless with time. The end of a bottle and the beginning of another will be at different stages of maturation. It’s a process to embrace. Be sure to store your perfume away from sunshine and heat. Cool and dark is the best way to maximise its longevity.


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