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Archivist Luxury Long Matches ‘Chilli’


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Square box of Archivist’s luxury long matches

About the matches

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm
  • Designed, printed and assembled in the UK

About Archivist

Founded in 1994 by Sarah and William Allardice to offer the highest quality Letterpress printed cards and stationery.

Prior to running Archivist, Sarah had a career with a prominent British stationery brand while William arrived via a roundabout route through the design department of Wedgwood and some time selling racehorses to people in Japan. However their vision was consistent—that they would offer high quality letterpress products that never lose their sense of fun.

The Archivist’s luxury long matches are an extension of the timeless appeal of their products, as well as being a fun take on something ordinary and rather useful.

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