We’re moving our world online

As our big brother Ace Hotel London and big sister Hoi Polloi are moving out of home, we can’t stay without them. It is with sadness that we announce our departure from The Ace Hotel. Throughout the years, we’ve been lucky to connect with the most wonderful customers, many of whom have become close friends to us all.

That Flower Shop | Ace Hotel
That Flower Shop in Ace Hotel

We will miss the countless long days, early mornings and late nights. The inimitable Valentine’s Days and the chorus of the boozed up Saturday morning brunchers as they leave Hoi Polloi. The  jet lagged hotel guests arriving in the shop and asking for directions to the Ace Hotel and the forever young bell girls and boys bringing us our post and sometimes healthy juices, sometimes sly cocktails.

Shoreditch has been our home for over 10 years and we will be sad to leave all that it offers.  However, we are moving our world online where we will continue to share with you our homegrown flowers from my tunnels in Kent and the abstract creations when I take a brief in the wrong direction. The online shop will continue to operate as normal as will our phone line, so keep on calling us because we will miss the sound of your voices. 

It will be the first time since I was 18 that I haven’t worked in or had to a physical flower shop of some sorts, so this digital life feels like uncharted waters but makes sense in these mid pandemic times. 

Hold on though, don’t go yet! 

We are not leaving until the end of October and we plan to keep the shop bursting with good stuff until our very last day.

Here’s a snippet of what we have in store now:

As a little gift, enjoy the masters of Ann Vincent’s candles. You can shop the sets or buy the singles. The singles are great to pair with the miniature seasonal bouquet, as a thoughtful but not over the top gift and perfect for the person who doesn’t have a vase, and cup or mug will fit these. 

Ann Vincent SOLE Set Trio | Soy Wax Blend
Ann Vincent’s SOLE Set Trio: A soy wax blend with a burn time of  +- 30h/set.

Our most popular bouquets to send out are the Seasonal Bouquets in White and Hot Tones because they are eternally evolving as the seasons change and we change with them. Or if you want to send somebody something special choose from the different sized Hattie’s Choice bouquets, where I select my favourite delicacies of the week. 

Hattie's Choice | Seasonal Bouquet
Hattie’s Choice: A dramatic, textural and artistic hand-tied bouquet made using British seasonal flowers and foliage.

And what’s next?

We will be exactly the same – if not better – as we no longer have to navigate the sometimes eternal stream of hotel and restaurant guests. 

We will have much more time to explore and explain the importance of working seasonally. To inform you about why it’s so important that we take into account the seasons and the products that we work with to  minimise our impact on our industry and the climate to work in as mindful and as sustainable a way as possible.

 So, keep following us here and on our instagram @hattieflower. Don’t be a stranger because there’s so much more coming. 

x Hattie