Our sustainable intentions for the new year

Happy New Year to all of you – we hope you and yours are safe and well in what are still very strange times.

We can’t thank you enough for your support last year. We all went through a lot and, more specifically as a business, we made some pretty big changes. Although it’s been tough, I really think these changes are all for the best, and actually are so exciting. It’s been a comfort and a catharsis to know we’ve made positive reflection, growth and changes over in our little corner despite everything being put through the wringer. 

A push to a different path

Last year’s events gave us the push to and almost demanded that we make some huge changes in regards to our supply chain, our product offering and the way we worked. I feel like this changed about a million times between tiers, lockdowns, trade deals, new shops, old shops, new strains, the list goes on…

In short, we are more sustainable, responsible, independent and transparent than we’ve been ever before. We want to keep growing on this path because despite the achievements of last year — the debut of The Patch, being able to fulfil nearly all of our orders for most of the year using only homegrown flowers and foliage, working with and truly honouring seasonality, expanding our gift and homeware offering to include loads of other small businesses & Black-owned businesses and independent makers and improving the sustainability of our packaging — there’s still lots that we are still learning and more that we can and want to do. 

Our journey of working seasonally continues

As we try to gently wade through this third lockdown and the winter season, we’re thinking of what this year brings for our business and how this journey of growing and working seasonally/sustainably continues…

The last few months and the new realities of Brexit have shown us at TFS more than ever how much of a treasure our Patch and the ability to grow more and more of our own flowers is. And how necessary it is now to find produce on a whole closer to home. This is going to be a huge focus for us this year.

We’re growing more varieties and colours. We’re trying to grow a larger quantity of everything. We’re hoping to prolong the seasonal periods of our flowers for as long as we can to bring you homegrown flowers for as much of the year as possible! A huge hope is to also be able to supply our flowers to other florists too. Stay tuned and get in touch for this!

It’s been amazing already to see what can be achieved growing and buying British flowers instead of importing from far and wide – and knowing how much better for the planet and people involved this is. I can’t wait to see what spring brings us. 

Stay safe,