Flower Menu



Cornwall £3.50 per bunch
(10 stems/bunch)



£10 per bunch


Our farm 

£7.50 per bunch
(10 stems/bunch)


Our farm 

£10.00 per bunch
(5 stems/bunch)


Next to the flowers we grow in our patch in Kent, we also work with a collection of local growers and farms to bring you a selection of the freshest and most seasonal locally cut flowers every week. Here you can find a current menu of what we’ll have in our shop and in your bouquets week to week as the seasons come and go. We’ll let you know here where your flowers have come from and what we’re stocking.

These flowers will be selected and paired by us to create all of our made to order bouquets each week or they can be bought by the stem or by the bunch if you wish.

We often can’t include all varieties, as there are sometimes too many. The menu merely serves as a guide for the week. If you’d like to know more, check availability or order something in particular please visit us at 62 Chatsworth Road E5 or contact us by phone or email.

Please note that in order to reduce waste, these menus will be subject to availability, and certain flowers may sell out sooner than others. Flowers used to create bouquets ordered through our web shop will be selected at the florist’s discretion, artistic license and expertise.


Check for updates on Instagram to see our flowers in motion